15 Common Myths You Shouldn't Believe

Lauren Freeman


Not all things are common sense or common knowledge. Some are actually pretty much entirely mistaken, but survive being passed around as word of mouth. Some of these myths about our daily lives can take a really long time to die out, what with no concerned effort to dispel them. So you go on perpetuating the same myth over and over again.

But not today! Here we have a selection of 15 everyday myths that are past their prime. They should have been demolished ages ago, but here we are, refuting them in the year 2018. Read on, get informed, and tell others!


Cracking Your Knuckles Will Give You Arthritis

There's really no evidence that it causes arthritis and a whole lot of evidence that it makes you feel cool.



Dogs Are Colorblind

Some people say that dogs see in only black and white or can't tell colors apart. Those people are doofuses. Their visual spectrum is somewhat different than ours, but doggies definitely see color. To add to that, they also see small details sharper and have better nightvision.



Eating Before Swimming Can Give You Massive Cramps

This myth is entirely untrue, and has been going on since 1908 when it was published in a Scout magazine. The claim was refuted as far back as 1961, but people go on repeating it even today.



Sitting Too Close To A TV Will Damage Your Eyesight

Sitting up close to TV is favorite among children because their eyes don't focus at range as easily as adults' do. Therefore, they like sitting closer to the TV and science shows that this doesn't impact their sight at all.



Carrots Improve Your Eyesight

Like many good things, this myth comes from World War II. The British were leading in radar research and were using those to intercept German bombers. Unwilling to release their secrets to the enemy, the British claimed that their interceptions were the result of sentries that had been eating a lot of carrots.



Sugar Makes Children Hyperactive

Correlation doesn't imply causation, and most events where kids consume a lot of sugar are also events which are exciting. So sugar has nothing to do with hyperactivity, says science, but it's not good for you in any way, either.



Shaving Hair Makes It Grow Back Thicker

You might have heard it as a warning/advice. No amount of shaving can convince hair to grow in any other way than it does. However, stubble are hairs with thicker, flatter tops, which makes the shaven spot look darker before the hair grows out.



Alcohol Kills Brain Cells

We all know that drinking excessively is bad for you, but it doesn't kill brain cells. Alcoholics might suffer damage to brain connections, but not cell death – so a beer or two once a week after work won't do that much harm, either.



Alcohol Helps You Warm Up

That's why the St. Bernard's have those tiny barrels under their necks, right? Well, actually, alcohol just makes the blood rush to your skin, making your feel warmer. However, this is also a great way to lose a lot of heat (as it is radiated outwards by all the blood just below the skin), in effect making you freeze more.



Different Regions Of Your Tongue Sense Different Tastes

Researches have debunked this conclusively, yet still you go repeating it. All parts of the tongue can sense the same stuff, damn it.



You Shouldn't Wake Up A Sleepwalker

You definitely can and maybe even should wake them up before they get themselves into trouble. However, sleepwalkers are usually very deeply asleep, so you might have difficulty waking them. In that case, simply lead them to the bed.



You Lose Body Heat Through Your Head

Body heat is lost through all of your surface area. Your head isn't some sort of radiator serving the rest of your body – if it were, the head would be noticeably warmer. It isn't.



Pennies Dropped From A Tall Building Can Kill

Gravity kills, but maybe not that hard. Well, kids don't know physics, and they certainly don't know that a penny's top speed tops off at 60mph. At that speed, an impact would barely sting.



Chewing Gum Takes Seven Years To Digest

No, not really: even if you don't digest completely, the remain will pass into your colon and out of your butt. It's the same thing that happens to many other small objects that kids eat, for example.



You Only Use 10% Of Your Brain

The people perpetuating this myth (including the screenwriter for 'Lucy') probably don't use 100% of their brains. It's unknown who came up with it, but there's really no science backing it. Your brain will work 100% when you need it.



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