Do You Know What’s Your IQ?

Oliver Brown


Scientific Researches have shown that the average IQ score in Czechia is 101, which is pretty low compared to other countries.

It came as a shock, so my colleagues and I wanted to check if these findings were true. We browsed the Internet for the best rated IQ tests online and found TopCertify, which not only give accurate IQ scores, but also provide an OFFICIAL certificate approving them.

So the whole staff (22 people) decided to carry out an experiment and test our IQ. The results were shocking! We found out that our staff’s average IQ is 112!! It’s 11 points higher than the average IQ score in Czechia!

My (Oliver) IQ score was one of the highest ones. I got 131!!! Do you think it’s bullshit? Here you go! This is the OFFICIAL certificate approving my score!

Do you know what’s your IQ? Let’s raise the average IQ score in Czechia together!



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