Look At Your Fist And Learn What It Says About Your Leadership Style

Lauren Freeman


Have you ever considered the leadership qualities that you have, if any? Have you ever needed to lead people in any capacity? Then you must surely have wondered about your ability to do so. Only a few leaders don't doubt themselves, and those most often lead themselves and those who follow them into ruin. Such is life in the zone!

But if you want to know some basics about your style of leadership, you can have a look at your closed fist. The way your fingers come together can say a lot about you as a leader personality. So here are the types of leader you might be based on how your fist looks like.


The Thumb Is On Top

As a leader, you're motivational and passionate. Others can clearly see your confidence and your natural leadership skill. You're also obviously an idealist. People follow you because they adore your compassionate nature and the high standards you set for yourself.


The Thumb Is To The Side

You're one of the leaders who think outside the box, solving problems others considered to be impossible. You might not be the usual type of leader, but you're invaluable in new and dangerous situation.


The Thumb Is Inside

You're thoughtful and rational, even if not liked too much. You know what must be done, sentiments be damned. You're also a hard worker and you inspire the same in others around you.


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